How do I contact Turkish Airlines special assistance?
 To access special assistance from Turkish Airlines the most direct method is to contact their customer service department via phone at +1-833-439-2672. Turkish Airlines typically provides dedicated lines +1-833-439-2672 for special assistance requests, where trained representatives can address specific needs such as wheelchair assistance, medical requirements, or mobility assistance

What is the Turkish Airlines Wheelchair assistance policy?

·         Passengers are encouraged to request Turkish Airlines wheelchair assistance during the booking process or by contacting Turkish Airlines directly. Providing advance notice helps the airline make appropriate arrangements.

·         Upon arrival at the airport, passengers requiring wheelchair assistance should approach the designated check-in counter or information desk for disabled passengers.

·         Turkish Airlines ensures the availability of wheelchairs at airports for passengers who require them. Passengers can use these wheelchairs until they board the aircraft.

·         Turkish Airlines cabin crew provides necessary assistance to passengers with disabilities during the flight.

·         If passengers have connecting flights with Turkish Airlines, the airline ensures seamless wheelchair assistance during transit, including transfers between terminals if necessary.

·         Turkish Airlines trains its staff and ground handling agents to provide proper assistance to passengers with disabilities.


How to get Turkish Airlines wheelchair assistance?


To request Turkish Airlines wheelchair assistance, you can follow these steps:

1. During the booking process: When making your reservation with Turkish Airlines, inform the airline about your need for wheelchair assistance. You can do this by contacting their Turkish Airlines Special Assistance Number or indicating your requirement through their online booking system. Provide specific details about your mobility limitations to ensure appropriate assistance.

2. Contact Turkish Airlines directly: If you have already made a booking and did not request wheelchair assistance initially, contact Turkish Airlines by calling 1-833-439-2672 as soon as possible. You can reach out to their customer service through phone or email and inform them about your specific needs for wheelchair assistance.

3. Arrival at the airport: Arrive at the airport well in advance to allow sufficient time for wheelchair assistance arrangements. Look for the designated check-in counter or information desk for disabled passengers, which is typically labeled or can be found in the airport's accessibility information.

4. Inform the airline staff: Approach the Turkish Airlines staff at the check-in counter or information desk and inform them that you require wheelchair assistance. Provide them with your booking details and any relevant medical documentation if necessary. Clearly explain your specific mobility limitations, including whether you can walk short distances or require assistance throughout the entire journey.

5. Assistance at the airport: Once your request for wheelchair assistance is registered, Turkish Airlines staff or contracted ground handling agents will provide the necessary support. They will assist you with check-in procedures, security checks, and guide you through the airport to your departure gate.

6. During the flight: Onboard Turkish Airlines flights, the cabin crew will assist you with any necessary arrangements. They will help you navigate the aisles, provide assistance with accessing the lavatory if needed, and ensure your comfort throughout the flight.


Whom to call the Turkish Airlines Wheelchair Assistance?


To request wheelchair assistance from Turkish Airlines, you can contact their customer service directly. Here are the contact options to reach Turkish Airlines special assistance:

1. Phone: You can call Turkish Airlines customer service hotline to request wheelchair assistance. The phone number can vary based on your location or the country you are calling from. Visit the official Turkish Airlines website or refer to your booking confirmation for the appropriate phone number to reach their customer service.

2. Email: Another option is to send an email to Turkish Airlines customer service department explaining your need for wheelchair assistance. You can find the official email address on their website or refer to your booking confirmation for the appropriate email contact.

When reaching out to Turkish Airlines, provide them with your booking details and specify your requirements for Turkish Airlines Special Assistance. It is advisable to make this request as early as possible, ideally during the booking process or well in advance of your travel date, to allow the airline enough time to make the necessary arrangements for a seamless travel experience. You can reach out to us by calling 1-833-439-2672 at any time of the day since we are available 24/7.